Climb the mountains of Montana with Whiskey’s Lament


Hey Lamenters. As you all know, Whiskey’s Lament is Portland’s premier Hanna Montana cover band. So, with our favorite girl’s act so prominently in the news, there was no way we could pass up a chance to incorporate it in our act. You can see us wearing them at our next show, Friday September 6th at Slabtown.  Also, if you want to really get in on the hot action, you can order your very own! Whether you do our not, we hope to see you at our next show. It’s shaping up to be our best to date with a great traditional Irish group, the Chancers and high quality punk rockers in The Knuckles.

WL heads to the recording studio

Great news Lamenters! This weekend we’re doing the first recording session for our new EP titled: ‘One Sober Night in 27 Days’. It’s scheduled to be released on Crash Assailant Records and we’ll let you know more about how and when you can get your hands on it when we figure that out ourselves.  We chose the title when, several months ago, WL guitarist Whiskey McBrony walked into band practice and lamented “I feel like shit. I think I’ve only had one sober night in the last 27 days.”  The band immediately decided to use that for our first album title and now our plan is finally coming to fruition.

After much bitching, moaning, fighting and thousands of dollars worth of couples’ counseling, the band finally decided on which songs to record.  We’ll be recording three WL originals plus one traditional. They are:

Shitfaced’d aka Drunk and Wasted

Steel Wool

Dan’s Wake aka the Wake of Whiskey McGrog

South Australia – a traditional sea shanty from the 19th century


WL’s 1st show at Katie O’Brien’s, last show in August

Whiskey’s Lament is thrilled to be playing at a great venue, Katie O’Brien’s, for the first time.  It’s a really cool venue with a comfortable bar area and floor area for a real concert feel; the best of both worlds.  After this show we’re taking a four-week break from gigs before our next one at Slabtown on September 6th.  Next weekend we’ll be in the recording studio, followed by some time dedicated to writing new songs.  Surely those of you who’ve been to a number of our shows will be ready for that.  We hope to see as many of you Lamenters as possible tonight and, if not, to see you soon at a future show.